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What do 4,500 exhibiting companies and 180,000 attendees from 150 countries at CES 2019 have in common? After the snazzy product launches, show floor displays, and slick video demos, every brand wants to win the heart of the consumer. We can’t help but wonder how and if the most innovative products will drive customer engagement with diverse users across international markets.

Do these products address the needs and preferences of prospective customers from different socio-cultural and linguistic backgrounds around the world?

What does it mean for a product to be global-ready?

An International Mindset

No one wants to be an afterthought, forgotten, or ignored. International customers want products that are in line with their expectations. Take breakfast. Put it on the table of one of the largest consumer markets in the world. What do you get? A quick lesson in being global-ready. When a multinational food manufacturer in breakfast cereals launched in India, the brand didn’t consider that Indians are not used to cold breakfasts. Local tastes called for hot milk, and consequently, consumers got soggy cereal. After an expensive product launch, the cereal maker had to pull the product from grocery shelves and re-engineer.

How is cereal and food related to CES and technology? At the biggest electronics show where over 700,000 product launches take place, it was a vegan “hamburger” made in a lab that won the highest accolades. According to the popular tech blog Engadget and tech publisher Digital Trends, the Impossible Burger represented the best technology innovation, the “Best of the Best”, of this year’s show.



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