Transcreation Best Practices and Guidelines

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TAUS has recently published the Transcreation Best Practices and Guidelines for the translation industry. The TAUS Transcreation Best Practices and Guidelines is published with the hope of forming a useful basis for further, industry-wide discussion around the definitions and processes of transcreation.

TAUS goes on to state that this latest publication will serve as a step towards formalizing an understanding of both the terms and the processes.

Best Practices, Guidelines, and Training Materials

Participants of the TAUS QE Summit in Dublin, Ireland assigned TAUS with the task of presenting a structured set of best practices, guidelines and training materials, for linguists interested in developing their skills around transcreation and international copywriting.

The Editorial Board

This developed into the forming of an editorial board consisting of Alvaro Villalvilla Merelo (Senior Global Localization Manager, Nike), Angela Petrilli (Translation Regional Manager, Workday), Makiko Aoki (Senior Transcreation Manager, Burberry), Vladimir Zhdanov (Localization Specialist, ex-Alibaba Group), and by Paul Mangell (Director, Global Strategic Consultancy, Alpha (Chair))

The group developed and agreed on the definition of transcreation, the methods of differentiating transcreation from other industry terms as well as steps to produce excellence in transcreation, and the importance of cultural relevance.

You can find out more about ‘Transcreation Best Practices and Guidelines’ on the TAUS website and read the full report here.


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