Trading Your Playlist for Podcasts

Trading Your Playlist for Podcasts 600x400

If you have a commute on a daily basis, the chances are that you may have already traded in your playlists for podcasts?

If you live in the United States and are twelve years of age or older, then there is already a one in four probability that you are already listening to podcasts every month!

Statista who provide statistics and data within 600 industries and 50+ countries are already projecting that, by 2021, there will be more than 100 million podcast listeners in the USA alone.


You may recall that there was a significant search engine swing in recent times, which pushed mobile to the top. These algorithmic changes enhance the popularity of podcasts as many individuals and businesses see the importance of making podcasts part of their overall strategy.

Removing barriers and making podcasts easy to find and subscribe to combined with a willingness by consumers to time-shift their media consumption is adding to the podcast growth.

Podcasts are helping a business to develop conversations, which is something that they can do more accessible than using the written word alone, although transcribing your podcast is a thing you can do!  

You are creating that all-important relationship with the audience that can be possible and rewarding with a well produced and regular podcast. People subscribe to your content and look forward to the next episode.

In this Netflix style approach to media consumption, producing podcast content is an excellent way to communicate with your audience.


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