“Either we change the way we do translation or the way we do content!”

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“Either we change the way we do translation or the way we do content!” – TAUS

When will MT reach a higher quality? Are customers adapting to the MT culture? How about translators in the new tech landscape? Marco Trombetti, CEO Translated, shares his perspective on these questions supported by many data points. He suggests we either change the way we do translation or content.

The CEO of Translated, Marco Trombetti is a serial innovator, educator and community builder with plenty of fact-backed ideas about the path forward for the translation industry. We asked him our now-traditional billion-dollar question about where the first unicorn will come from? Along with other timely queries.

Marco Trombetti: The translation industry can be best compared to the legal industry where trust and relationships are the glue that keeps providers and customer together more than anything else. This means that we are always “fragmented” in the sense that individual companies are all unique.

We have certainly seen tremendous improvements in technology since say 2000 with near-constant improvements in leverage, but we don’t tend to observe huge changes from one year to the next due to some market or technology shift as can happen in other industries.

So to reach the one billion mark, we either need a huge new technology leap or a major M&A such as the three top players joining forces as a single company. But even if they did, this wouldn’t really create new wealth – it would just move around what there is already.



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