SmartWorking Platform Abodoo goes live on Crowdcube ahead of Official UK Launch


London, 2nd October: Abodoo, the SmartWorking digital platform that has taken the global remote working landscape by storm has today gone live on crowd-funding site, Crowdcube.

The latest round of crowd-funding coincides with Abodoo’s official UK launch, as the fast-growing platform continues to shake-up the job market – connecting professionals who need more flexibility in how they work with employers seeking top talent.

Since its launch, Abodoo has attracted blue-chip clients including Vodafone, Deloitte, Citibank and Automattic – a clear indication that big business is embracing change in flexible working.

The platform has over 22,000 members across 60 countries, connecting global citizens with remote working job roles.

Abodoo, which was voted by Wired as one of Europe’s hottest start-ups in 2019, has big ambitions over the next 12 months, setting its sights on becoming the No.1 provider for all global remote working solutions and services.

With congestion, carbon emissions and work-related stress top of the national agenda, at the heart of Abodoo’s strategy, is a commitment to address these issues through its platform. The introduction of SmartWorking models can help businesses reduce their workforces carbon footprint, and recent research from IWG Plc (formerly Regus) revealed that employee productivity has increased by 85% thanks to flexible working.

And, the subject of flexible working is already on the political agenda, after Conservative MP Helen Whately requested a UK bill to be passed in July for all employers to offer greater flexibility.

Abodoo was founded by Vanessa Tierney and Ben Wainwright in 2017 after Vanessa fell ill and was unable to commute to work. The entrepreneurs realised there is an unconscious bias for workers that do not fit the mould of 9:00-5:00 in the office, and therefore can be left feeling isolated in the job market. Abodoo “Abode” and “Do” was born, with the aim to bring career opportunities to the masses, regardless of their geography or other day-to-day challenges.

Denis Creighton, CEO of Fexco and an Abodoo investor, said: 

“I invested in Abodoo firstly, because of my absolute belief in Vanessa and Ben’s passion, and secondly, because I believe the timing is exactly right to bring together corporations embracing SmartWorking and a modern workforce who want to work differently to how we’re used to.”

Vanessa Tierney, Abodoo co-founder, said:

“Abodoo was launched to bridge the gap between companies adopting SmartWorking and a workforce seeking greater flexibility through remote working. By 2022, the global mobile workforce is forecast to reach 1.87 billion people – and we’re confident the Abodoo platform is going to play a crucial in digitally connecting employers and employees now, and in the future.”

The latest crowd-funding round on Crowdcube will be used to develop Abodoo’s technology platform further and execute marketing & sales strategy for significant user growth. More information on Abodoo and how to invest HERE.


Notes to Editors

Abodoo launched in 2017 and is one of the fastest-growing SmartWorking platforms. The platform was created to tackle 3 key problems:

1. Unconscious bias in hiring: Abodoo’s matching is based on profile attributes, not location, gender or ethnicity, creating an even playing field of talent

2. Access to talent: Abodoo gives companies access to skilled professionals who are location agnostic

3. Lack of knowledge and resources: Abodoo provides the content and framework to implement a partial or fully distributed remote workforce

Abodoo has over 22,000 members across 60 countries and has attracted blue-chip companies including Vodafone, Deloitte, Citibank and Automattic.

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