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Is your company pushing out the same old content and seeing less and less of a return?

Are you thinking about producing content that can be relevant for more extended periods, some time for months and years?

Do you produce content that can be updated in time and be of further future benefit in the months ahead?

Hopefully, these questions have got you thinking about your content, and that leads us nicely to optimisation of that content when it comes to search engines.

While most of us know that not all search engines are the same, Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, we sometimes forget that not all search queries are the same.

How a person is searching for something in one country is not the same as another. Culture and language play a huge part in how we search and ask for things online.
Consider for a moment the difference in languages when it comes to search, and search engine optimisation. Phrases or groupings of words and expressions can be vastly different.

If we work on the assumption that you have developed relevant quality content, having that content found is the next important step. Take time to consider the keywords used in the original article/content produced as the chances are that it will not have the same response in other markets.

Will it be as significant, is it understood? Does the translation change the sentiment of the messaging? It is important to look again at the article/content post translation and consider the target audience and market against understood local metrics and requirements.


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