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You get what you pay for. Translation and localisation costs can often be a surprise to companies who are new to the area.

For a quality translation outcome, the price of the translation is a factor. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In many commercial transactions, the quality of goods and services increases as the prices rise.

Delivering quality can take a team of experts.

When you combine the cost of the projects and compare it to the impact that the translated content can have on a commercial operation, it starts to look a lot more like an investment.

Even without venturing into the areas of doing something poorly, and the negative impact that this can have on a brand or organisation.

Content Management

How you treat and manage your content can have an impact on costs. If your company has invested in implementing a content management system (CMS) to integrate translation and localisation (ideally when you are developing materials initially) added to publishing the content after translation can have an impact on the overall cost.

Implementing a CMS is not for everyone, but it can mean significant changes to how a company creates and publishes content.

Review how much content you create and will create in the future. Ask questions about how many updates are required, is content re-purposed and does it require more than one target language? What formats do you need to publish in and how often?

If you need to use language services, the benefits can certainly outweigh the costs of implementing a CMS.


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