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You need to produce content, but what kind of material works best?

Content production is all about developing and creating written audible or visual assets.

As humans we read, listen and see things all day long.

There is a big part of society that consumes the content, and then there are the people who create the material, and finally, there is every type of person in between the two areas.

We are all consumers, and we are all producers to some degree or another.

From a commercial standpoint producing content can often mean to write that eBook, finish that blog post or shoot that video. We then turn our attention to many other areas such as blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, podcasts, and this list goes on and on and on.

What kind of content you produce and how it is perceived are two essential factors.

What audience do you want your content to reach and impact? How do you want content to influence a potential buyer or reassure an existing customer?

What is the tone and style of the content? Do you have style guides to follow and brand guidelines?

Ultimately if you need to reach a person, they need to be able to understand it. Translation is one step in the producing content journey. Cultural nuance and understanding play a large part in how successful your produced content can be.

Multilingual marketing is not something you should do; it is a real requirement for any businesses that want to remain competitive on the international stage. For brands that don’t work towards a more borderless perspective, they risk becoming left behind.

Transcreation can help with producing content of work into another language or culture. Brands can spend time ensuring that the content and the trans-creators are capturing the desired impacts or emotional effects from the original content in the original format.

There are many tools to help with the producing, management and translation of content, however taking a step back and taking a long hard look at how you and your organisation views content can help. Ultimately content is an asset that can deliver real value.


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