Making the Subconscious Conscious

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FIONA BRENNAN, author of The Positive Habit, on why it’s so important to make the subconscious conscious…

Emotions are the language of the body and when we ignore, suppress or fear them they remain trapped and have the potential to make us ill as well as unhappy. 

Take a moment to recall how your body felt the last time you experienced conflict.

Was there muscle tension in your shoulders and back? Knots in your stomach? Did your chest and throat feel tight? It is possible that the experience even gave rise to a cold or a sore throat.



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Connecting Melbourne Event

by Circleze

The event is an online-only conference. You can join the conference live to watch and listen to the speakers. Connecting Melbourne is part of Connecting Events.

This ‘Connecting’ event will be hosted in an online format only with four speakers from Australia and Ireland. Starting at 10 AM in Melbourne, Australia (GMT -10h AU) on November 13th.
We will typically have four speakers covering topics that are aligned to Technology, Business, Language and Media.
The speakers and the audience will be attending the event online.
Tickets Available

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Connecting Melbourne Nov 13, 2019
$ 10 Early Bird
  • 4 Speakers
  • Melbourne, AU
  • Networking & Community

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