Machine Translation Summit 2019

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MT Summit 2019 
#MachineTranslation #Summit2019

MT Summit XVII: the 17th Machine Translation Summit, which will take place in the Helix Theatre at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland, from 19-23 August 2019. The conference is organised by the European Association for Machine Translation 

(EAMT:, and overall chair of the conference is Andy Way (ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University, Ireland),

supported by the following track chairs:

  • Research track co-chairs: Barry Haddow & Rico Sennrich (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • User track co-chairs: John Tinsley (Iconic Translation Machines,Ireland) & Dimitar Shterionov (ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University,Ireland)
  • Translator track co-chairs: Celia Rico (Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain) & Federico Gaspari (ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University, Ireland)
  • Projects chair: Mikel L. Forcada (Universitat d’Alacant, Spain)




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