Are You Ready for the Game-Streaming Revolution?

Are You Ready for the Game-Streaming Revolution 600x400

What can we expect as a result of the new subscription-based gaming trend?

At last week’s Game Developers Conference, one thing was on everyone’s mind: streaming.

Microsoft pre-empted the conference by announcing plans for a new subscription-based game-streaming service.

It compares this service, which would allow users to play their favorite games anywhere from any device, to Netflix.

Then, last week, Google revealed its soon-to-be-launched Stadia game-streaming service onstage at GDC, kicking off the event with a bang.

And just this week, Apple announced the launch of Apple Arcade, yet another subscription-based service that will give iOS users exclusive access to a suite of Apple-based games

Okay, game developers: we hear you loud and clear. We’re deep in the streaming waters—and all the Games giants are there with us.

The conversations we had at GDC last week only reinforced our belief that streaming is going to be a feature, not a bug, in the gaming space. While opinions may diverge on the place it will occupy in the gaming landscape in the long term, it’s clear that subscription-based services will have ramifications on the industry. Here are a few things to expect as a result of this new trend.



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