How Fast Are You Going Global?

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Companies are experiencing a digital transformation like never before.

Digital content is reaching the consumer faster and more targeted than ever. The pace of technology innovation is driving consumer expectations even further.

Will Google Maps become the US/European equivalent of WeChat? WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. At the moment outside of some of the larger Chinese companies, the rest of the world can look a little fragmented. As consumers focus on a small number of ‘go to’ applications the speed, accuracy, and relevance of your content will matter even more.

Pricing of today’s online advertising rates to reach consumers with your content may look significantly underpriced at today’s prices compared to in a few short years when larger brands and traditional advertising spend become even more funnelled into online media and content production.

When you look at the web, and apps on Windows, Android and iOS platforms, they are competing now with chatbots, voice assistants and, virtual and augmented reality.

In this fast-paced scenario, it is more important than ever to speak the language of your customer and to interact with them on their terms.

Delivering the right content across multiple channels into numerous geographies takes some careful planning. Speed can often impact quality and brands that win maintain the brand conversation at a higher quality level while functioning at speed.

Continuity in the end user experience counts across complex and diverse channels. Today’s consumers expect a digital experience that matches their expectations.

Often brands can forget to be personable at speed and omit to provide a meaningful content experience utilising ‘content on-the-go’ across the many devices and channels.


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