Harnessing The Machines

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With the ongoing growth of content and the speed of digital content reaching the consumer faster and more targeted than ever. The rise of the machines could be the answer we have all been looking for.

If we put aside the ‘if the machines take over, there are no jobs for us humans’ debate (important, we will come back to this in a later post) the continual growth of content is happening at a pace that is rocketing past human control.

Humans are producing the content, but the speed of content production is higher than ever, and the ‘push button’ nature of sharing content seems to keep getting more natural and more accessible.

Reaching audiences worldwide is easier now than it has ever been.

In 60 seconds on the internet consider the following statistics.

Think about this all happening in one minute.

Google processed over 3.7 million search queries
YouTube had over 4.3 million videos viewed
174,000 scrolling Instagram
735,000 apps downloaded
481,000 tweets sent
38 million messages
18 million text messages
187 million emails

And the list goes on.

Harnessing the machines, AI, Machine Learning and Machine Translation (MT) software can help us to work with large volumes of data and content, translate from one language to another in faster periods, and with Neural MT (NMT) we start to experience translating content at a higher quality and faster. There is still much work to do in this area, but the sheer volumes and speed with which we need to operate requires working with software and AI to deliver the future.


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