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Let’s talk desktop publishing.

You work hard on getting the layout of the content correct.
A skilled desktop publishing (DTP) person who understands formatting will understand how to make clients materials be as effective and look as good as they do in their original format and layout.

Working with in-house or external offshore teams can affect DTP and the days of managing files and projects by email are significantly in decline, replaced the clients move to platforms and cloud-based systems.

Clients are requesting feedback and are growing more empowered in the translation and localisation sphere, which helps them to see the activities as a profit center, instead of a cost center, putting a much stronger focus on expected returns on the investments made.

Online and Print

Online documentation can develop additional DTP issues, which are different from printed materials. Online formats and tools to change and this impacts how the content or documentation is displayed.

Functional testing on operating systems will confirm that the content will be displayed as required.


Engineering testing requirements is a much more critical factor as content growth continues to expand and speed.

Special care can be necessary with DTP elements including languages that are written right to left and the additional UI impacts that can result here.

For graphics that need to be localized, accessing source files is, and for page elements that contain graphics or buttons, this layout may all require attention after the translation.

The area such as forms and online surveys or fields that require completion will need engineering to support end users and a requirement to enter potential special characters.


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