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Since the 90’s Translation, Memories (TM) have been available, and almost all vendors used a type of TM. It is true that over some time all of the translation projects will add value to the TM by finding a higher number of matches.

Cost savings become self-evident over a short period.

However, a translation memory requires other additional tools to deliver more significant benefits.

Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software works with the TM to assist in the translation environment. CAT tools help to analyse new content to determine the total number of words that require translation and importantly if the text already recognised as translated before.

CAT Tools help to classify matches into three main areas, text that is a 100% matched, Fuzzy text matched and finally identifying the new.

It is important to state that with a 100% match further additional editing by a translator can be required when contextual differences that can change a meaning impact the previous translation and it is no longer appropriate.

These tools can demonstrate how much of the text has been seen before and translated and this leads to paying less per word for the matching content.

We often hear about the impact of artificial intelligence, and this may lead to a situation where translators are spending more time than present editing and applying their linguistic expertise in the areas of cultural nuance and where the machines and software programs leave gaps.


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