Automation and Translation Management Systems

Automation and Translation Management Systems

Let’s talk about translation management systems.
If you have been in the translation industry for a while already know the term TMS for translation management systems and the name GMS for the earlier used globalization management systems.

The software is beneficial in the automation of a human language translation process and helps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the translator.

Automation is a hot topic at the moment, with many debates ongoing about the future of work and what jobs will be available for us humans?

In an ideal scenario, the translation management system can automate all of the repetitive and non-vital work areas that can be replicated much faster by the methods and software available.

Ultimately this moves the human up the value chain and focuses more on the creative and human elements of translation.

A machine or software program can review against what the process is instructed to do and compare items against what data it has been allowed to access.

On both the technology side and the linguistic elements the TMS is designed to help and make the whole process much more efficient.

Once the workflow is automated, it can significantly assist in reducing time and management overheads, reduce costs and save time.


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